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How to join two Cat5e/Cat6 Ethernet cables together?

How to join two Cat5e/Cat6 Ethernet cables together with a GF2120?


This method joins two Cat5e or Cat6 cables together without the use of professional tools, like a Krone punch down tool. This can also be used to join Ethernet cables with RJ45 plugs connected, just cut off one of the plugs and attach the GF2120 Gigabit Ethernet Coupler to each end of the cables, this way two Cat5e/6 cables can be joined if accidently cut or need to be moved to another location.


How to join two Cat5e/Cat6 Ethernet cables together with a GF2120 Cat5e Gigabit Ethernet Coupler?

Things you’ll need:

GF2120 Tool-less Cat5e/Cat6 Coupler

Cable Stripper

Ethernet Cable or Cat5e/Cat6 Cable


  1. Choose the length of Cat5e / Cat6 cable and cut with an excess of 5 inches for terminating and possible errors.


  1. Strip 1.5 inches of the outer sheath off using cable strippers or carefully with a sharp knife (making sure not to damage wires underneath).


  1. Separate pairs; pull Brown pair to one side and orange to the other, leaving green and blue pairs in the middle.


  1. Untwist the pairs always leading with the white, and arrange in order:  white/orange, orange, white/green, green, white/blue, blue, white/brown, brown.


  1. Remove the GF0080 (colour coded wire block) out of the GF2120 Cat5e Coupler.


  1. Straighten wires keeping them in order, and trim the ends at a slight angle keeping the shortest long enough to reach the end of the GF0080.


  1. Insert the wires into the GF0080, into the appropriate colour slots, and trim the extruding wires flush with the end of the GF0080.


  1. Replace the GF0080 with the wires in it back into the GF2120 coupler and push down firmly to terminate the wires, Repeat these steps on the end of the other cable.


  1. Replace the lid and screw down.


 If the cable needs to go from room to room you should drill hole and pass the cable through before terminating the other end, so there is no need for an overly large hole.